Metalcore Classic Mixing + Mastering DAW Template

Metalcore Classic Mixing + Mastering DAW Template

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DAW:Logic Pro X

Stop Struggling for the Perfect Mix—Master It Effortlessly!


Grab your tightest black v-neck, those ripped skinny jeans, and your favorite black slip-on shoes because the Metalcore Classic Mixing and Mastering Template is here to rock your world. Inspired by the golden era of metalcore, this template is tailor-made for thunderous breakdowns, powerful screams, and soaring vocals.

This all-in-one production tool takes your mixes from start to finish with ease. Featuring pre-routed tracks and busses, meticulously pre-mixed elements, and a refined mastering chain, you can save hours—perhaps even days—of production time. Whether you're crafting bone-crushing rhythms or emotive melodies, this template delivers the punch and clarity your tracks demand.


Fully mixed tracks and busses.

Over 80 mix presets.

Heavy DI guitar tones using popular Neural DSP plugins Nolly, and Gojira. (Optional)

DI guitar tones using Slate TH-U Amp Sim.

Vocal presets for Large Diaphragm Condenser and Sm7b microphones.

4 Aggressive and heavy DI bass tones.

Hard hitting midi drum tracks.

Already set up busses and sends.

Master Bus processing for the finale stage.

DAW Versions

Pro Tools and Studio one Coming Soon.

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Full Subscription Plugin List

All plugins listed below are included in the Slate All Access Pass + SSL Complete Access subscription.

- Ana 2

- Slate VMR

- TH-U Slate Amp Sim

- VBC FG - Grey

- VBC FG Red

- Meta Tune

- Verbsuite Classic

- Virtual Tape Machine

- Repeater Vintage Modeled Delay

- FG-X2

- Lustrous Plates

- Fresh Air

- Faturator

- KHS Limiter

- KHS Distortion

- KHS Chorus

- KHS Delay

- KHS Haas

- KHS Reverb

- KHS Dual Delay

- SSL G3 Multibus Comp

- SSL Native X-Saturator v6

- TH-U Slate Amp Sim

- SSL Deeser

- SSL X-Delay

- SSL X-Delay

- Harrison Audio Mastering EQ

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