About Nick Ingram

Nick Ingram is a music producer, recording/ mixing engineer and songwriter. Over the past 15 years, Nick has worked hard in the music industry creating a unique sound and making a name for himself. Artist credits include Beartooth, Dayseeker, Hawthorne Heights, Like Moths To Flames and more.

“Drums have always been kind of the focal point of the mix and one of my favorite parts of recording and mixing. I would spend hours searching the internet for new drum samples and always coming up empty handed or just overall disappointed in the samples I’d find. Nothing ever sounded the way I really wanted it to. So I did the only thing I could think of and started making my own samples. After spending years sampling kits and making libraries, I decided to apply everything I’ve learned and incorporate it into a fully loaded, great sounding, ready-to-use drum library. I was frustrated with the fact that most drum libraries required so much work in order to make a great sound, I wanted to create a library that didn’t require hours of mixing and tweaking to get what you’re looking for.”

- Nick Ingram