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Metalcore Classic Mixing & Mastering DAW Template

A Full Production mixing and mastering template. Designed to help take your song from an idea to a full mixed and mastered track without the headache. Music should be fun, not a hassle.

  • Vocal presets for LDC and Sm7b microphones.
  • Mixed tracks with amp sims for DI guitar rhythm, lead, and bass.
  • Already set up busses and sends.
  • Master Bus processing for the finale stage.

Drum Daddy Producer Kit

Transform your music with the Producer Kit, a premium midi drum library crafted for ease and excellence. Ideal for writing, mixing, or producing. It offers hard-hitting, in-your-face drums that effortlessly cut through any mix.

  • 8 fully mixed presets for quick mixing and writing.
  • 2 Kicks, 3 snares, 2 toms, hats, ride, china, and 2 crashes.
  • Runs seamlessly in the FREE Kontakt Player.
  • Direct, overhead, and room samples with complete control.

Tutorials + Walkthroughs

Routing Drum Daddy Libraries

Step by step walkthroughs for routing your favorite Drum Daddy library in multiple DAWS.

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Mix walkthroughs

Mixing tips and walkthroughs.

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Converting live drums to midi

Get the most out of your Drum Daddy libraries when you use them with live drums.

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