Modern Pop Punk Mix & Master Template

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The Modern Pop Punk Template is a fully mixed and mastered template with a mix styled after MGKs pop punk sound. Drop in your own stems or record straight into the template. The Modern Pop Punk Template will take your mix from start to finish instantly.


- Mixed vocal chains for main, harmony, and back up vocals.
- Mixed tracks with amp sims for DI guitar rhythm, lead, and bass.
- Punchy midi drum tracks using the Producer Kit already mixed.
- FX tracks for guitars and vocals.
- Already set up busses and sends.
- Master Bus processing for the finale stage.
- Demo Song Stems.

- Logic Pro X (Stock+Free Plugin version, Slate plugin version, Waves plugin version.
- Pro Tools (Slate plugin version)
- Studio One (Slate plugin version)
- Reaper (Slate plugin version)

Requirements For Logic Pro Stock+FREE plugin Version.
- Kontakt 7 player (FREE)
- Drum Daddy Producer Kit
- Stock Logic plugins
- Klanghelm IVGI2 (FREE)
- Guitar Rig 6 Player (FREE)

Requirements For Slate Version.
- Kontakt 7 player (FREE)
- Drum Daddy Producer Kit
- Slate All Access Pass Subscription

- Kontakt 7 player (FREE)
- Drum Daddy Producer Kit
- Waves Platinum Plus Subscription

Waves Plugins used
- IMPusher
- H-Comp
- Kramer Tape Machine
- PuigTec MEQ5
- PuigTec EQP1A
- RVox
- RCompressor
- Renaissance Axx
- Kramer Drum Bus
- DeEsser
- GTR Stomp
- GTR Amp
- Doubler2
- L3-LL Ultra
- RDeEsser
- H-Delay
- EMO-F2
- Smack Attack

File Size 2GB