Metalcore Template Production Bundle

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Metalcore Template Production Bundle

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Includes 3 Powerful production Tools

Heavy Rock Mix + Master Template

Producer Kit MIDI Drum Library

Rock Beats MIDI Grooves

Metalcore Classic Mix + Mastering DAW Template


Fully mixed tracks and busses.

Over 80 mix presets.

Heavy DI guitar tones using popular Neural DSP plugins Nolly, and Gojira. (Optional)

DI guitar tones using Slate TH-U Amp Sim.

Vocal presets for Large Diaphragm Condenser and Sm7b microphones.

4 Aggressive and heavy DI bass tones.

Hard hitting midi drum tracks.

Already set up busses and sends.

Master Bus processing for the finale stage.

Included DAW Versions

Pro Tools and Studio One Coming Soon.

Producer Kit MIDI Drum Library

The Producer Kit is my own personal drum library made up of some of my favorite drum samples I’ve created over the years. I’ve spent years using these samples, tweaking and mixing them to perfection so you don’t have too.

2000+ Pre mixed drum samples.

Multi-velocity layers.

8 powerful mix presets saving you tons of time.

Easy to use built in controls to shape the tone. 

Works with the FREE Kontakt player.

Rock Beats MIDI Grooves

Over 200 midi rock beats and fills.
Grooves and fills ranging from 90 - 210bpm.
Compatible with any drum sampler.
Compatible with any DAW and drum sampler
Includes beats for choruses, verses, riffs, and more.
All MIDI files are separated into subfolders for easy navigation.
Includes a document file of the MIDI key mapping in case you want to use it with other drum samplers.


Mac: OS X 10.12, 10.13 or 10.14 (latest update), Intel i5 or better processor. 

Windows: Win 7, 8 or 10 (latest service pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU


3 GB free hard drive space for Producer Kit Library 

1 GB for Kontakt Player

Any drum sampler. (Drum Daddy, Slate, GGD, etc)