Producer Kit Drum Samples

Producer Kit Drum Samples

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These files are included in the Drum Daddy Producer Kit.

If you've purchased the Drum Daddy Producer Kit but didn't receive your .tci/wav files please send a message.

Drum Samples that don't need mixed!

Get Daddy's signature drum samples for Slate Trigger 2. This collection includes the drum samples from the Drum Daddy Producer Kit. These samples are expertly mixed and ready for use, enabling you to effortlessly transform your raw drum tracks into polished masterpieces. Perfect for pop punk, rock, and more.

- 2 kicks, 3 snares, and 2 toms.

- direct, overhead, and room - samples

- multi velocity layer samples for maximum realism.

- Includes natural samples and fully mixed samples.

- Slate Trigger 2 .TCI files.

Hear the Slate Trigger Files in action.


Trigger 2 TCI Files.


- Slate Trigger 2

- DAW of your choice