Drum Daddy OG
Drum Daddy OG
Drum Daddy OG
Drum Daddy OG

Drum Daddy OG

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The Search For Perfect Drum Tones Is Over!

Drum Daddy is an all new fully loaded virtual drum instrument, jam packed with samples for every style. Whether it's rock, country, metal or even polka, Drum Daddy has you covered. And with the easy to use interface and built in controls, nothing can stop you from getting the DADDY of all drum tones with the click of your mouse. 


Song Ready Kit Presets

Drum Daddy brings you 9 meticulously crafted, song-ready mix presets, ensuring you spend less time tweaking and more time creating. Each preset is designed to deliver the perfect drum tone and match the right drums to your song effortlessly.

Built-In FX

Drum Daddy's built-in FX lets you sculpt your drum sound precisely as you desire. Utilize the integrated compressor to add punch, and with our unique 'Girth', 'Stank', and 'Attack' sliders, you can dramatically alter the character of your drums. Enhance their attack, enrich the ring, and bring in more warmth to create the perfect drum tone.

The Room

Captured in our specialized drum studio, this library brings an unmatched realism. The secret lies in our room's acoustics, often the missing piece in midi drum libraries. Experience big, authentic drum room sounds that truly resonate, setting your music apart


Kontakt Instrument

Full Walkthrough

Drum List

  • 22x23 kick SJC Hybrid Kick
  • 24x16 kick Custom Savior Kick
  • 24x14 kick Custom Savior Kick
  • 24x16 kick Vintage Slingerland Kick

  • 14x8 Maple Snare Custom Savior Snare
  • 14x5 Maple Snare Gretsch Catalina Snare
  • 14x6 Brass Snare Brass Savior Snare
  • 14x8 Damp Snare Savior Snare with Big Fat Snare Head
  • 14x8 Steel Snare DW Performance Series Snare
  • 14x8 Steel Snare Tama Sound Lab Project Snare
  • 14x6 Walnut Snare Spero Musicworks Maple/Walnut Snare
  • 12” Tom Savior Tom
  • 13” Tom Savior Tom
  • 16” Tom Savior Tom
  • 18” Crash Zildjian 18" A Custom Crash
  • 20” Crash Zildjian 20" A Custom Crash
  • 18” China Zildjian 18" Oriental China
  • 10” Splash Zildjian 10" A Custom Splash
  • 22” Ride Zildjian 22" A Custom Ride
  • 14” Hi-Hat Meinl 14" Byzance Dark Hi-Hats

System Requirements:

Mac: OS X 10.12, 10.13 or 10.14 (latest update), Intel i5 or better processor.
Windows: Win 7, 8 or 10 (latest service pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU

4 GB RAM2 GB free hard drive space for Drum Daddy Library
1 GB for Kontakt Player

Works with the FREE Kontakt player.

Compatible with all Native Instruments software.